This procedure must be coordinated with the administrator of the NTP server; the information you configure in this procedure must be matched by the servers used by the switch to synchronize its time to the NTP server.

Beginning in privileged EXEC mode, follow these steps to authenticate the associations (communications between devices running NTP that provide for accurate timekeeping) with other devices for security purposes:

To disable NTP authentication, use the no ntp authenticate global configuration command. To remove an authentication key, use the no ntp authentication-key number global configuration command. To disable authentication of the identity of a device, use the no ntp trusted-key key-number global configuration command.

This example shows how to configure the switch to synchronize only to devices providing authentication key 42 in the device’s NTP packets:

Switch(config)# ntp authenticate
Switch(config)# ntp authentication-key 42 md5 aNiceKey
Switch(config)# ntp trusted-key 42

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