The appliance has two power supply inputs. While the appliance functions properly with a single power supply, the extra power supply serves as a backup. Connect the AC power cable to one of the inlet receptacles on the back of the appliance, connect the other end of the power cable into a power outlet,and turn the NetScaler ON by pressing the ON / OFF switch on the back of the unit. TheCitrix logo and LCD on the front of the NetScaler will illuminate after starting, and the LCD will indicate the operationalstatus of the appliance.

Electrical Safety PrecautionsBasic electrical safety precautions should be followed to protect yourself from harm and the appliancefrom damage.• Be aware of the location of the emergency power off switch to disconnect the electrical outlet. If anelectrical accident occurs, you can quickly remove power from the appliance.• Use of a regulating uninterruptible power supply (UPS) protects the appliance from power surgesand voltage spikes and keeps the appliance operating in case of power failure.• Do not work alone when working with high voltage components.• Always disconnect power from the appliance when removing or installing any component. Whendisconnecting power, you should first shut down the appliance and then unplug the power cords ofall the power supply units connected to the appliance.• Do not use mats designed to decrease static electrical discharge as protection from electricalshock. Instead, use rubber mats that have been specifically designed as electrical insulators.• The power supply cords must include a grounding plug and must be plugged into groundedelectrical outlets.• Consideration should be given to the connection of the equipment to the power supply circuitryand the effect of what a circuit overload might have. Appropriate consideration of equipmentnameplate railings should be used when addressing this concern.• A reliable ground must be maintained at all times. To ensure this, the rack should be grounded.Particular attention should be given to power supply connections other than the direct connectionto the branch circuit (for example, the use of power strips).

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