Here we are going to explain about  the  procedure to Connecting to Amazon AWS from Windows to a Linux AMI via putty or winscp. There are two ways by which you can connect, First is putty, the ssh connection and  the second is  Winscp.

The first one will enable you to get the terminal and the second will enable you to get winscp as you can upload and download files on your server.

Softwares Used

Winscp, Putty and puttyGen

First You should have your private key from Amazon when you first started up your AMI. Find the Private key you downloaded from Amazon Then you need to convert this file from .pem to .ppk as winscp read only .ppk files. For that you need to download PuttyGen program from putty download page. ( and run this programe as shown below.

click on load and select the key pair which you have downloaded form Aws.  you will get a window like below on successful import of pair key.

Now you have to click on save private key as shown below.

save this as with a name .

Now open your winscp as shown below

On the host name you have to enter your ip address of the server, if you are using elastic ip or you should go to your AWS dashboard and clcik on the server on which you want to connect and click on instance action button as shown in the below screenshot.

Now you click on the connect button where you can find your public Dns as shown in the below screenshot.

You should copy everything after the @ symbol so that what you have looks like this Now you have to fill the information like shown below screenshot.

Remember that your Private Key file is the key you converted in PuttyGen. Click on Login and you will connect to your Amazon EC2 instance. If you are not able to connect then under File protocol select scp as shown in the below screenshot.

In WinSCP on the top command ribbon bar you should see two icons as shown below. To get to the Command Line in Linux you want to click on the putty tab  on the top command ribbon shown below.

I think this will launch the Putty command shell that will allow you to tool around the Amazon AMI.

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