Creating a CNAME record:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Open the Domains tab and select My Domains.
  3. Click the Advanced Details link for the domain that you’d like to use with AdSense for domains.
  4. In the Total DNS area, click Total DNS Control.
  5. If there is a row in the CNAMES (Aliases) section with ‘www’ in the Host column click the edit icon in the Actions column for that row and then click OK. Otherwise, click Add New CNAME Record.
  6. Step 1: In the “Enter an Alias Name” field, enter ‘www’.
    Step 2: In the “Points to Host Name” field, enter ‘’(where pub-xxxxxxxxx is your unique publisher ID number listed at the top of your account).
    Step 3: Leave the default value in the ‘TTL’ field.
  7. Click OK. If you clicked Add New CNAME Record in step 5, you should now see “New record successfully created” and click OK.

Your CNAME record is now configured to point to Google. Please now follow the steps below to set up your A record.

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