A load balancer distributes application loads between two or more EC2 instances. You can dynamically register or deregister EC2 instances from the load balancer as the capacity requirements of your application change with time.A load balancer is represented by a DNS name and a set of ports and provides the destination to which all requests intended for your application should be directed. Load balancers can span multiple availability zones within an EC2 region, but cannot span multiple regions.

Create a Load Balancer

To create a load balancer

  1. Click the Create Load Balancer button. The Create a New Load Balancer wizard appears.
  2. Your load balancer will automatically perform health checks on your EC2 instances and only route traffic to instances that pass the health check. If an instance fails the health check, it is automatically removed from the load balancer. Customize the health check to meet your specific needs.
  3. The table below lists all your running EC2 Instances that are not already behind another load balancer or part of an auto-scaling capacity group. Check the boxes in the Select column to add those instances to this load balancer.
  4. Review the setting and click on create

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