Each Slave must connect to the Master using a standard username and password. The user that you use for this operation can be any user, providing they have been granted the REPLICATION SLAVE privilege

You do not need to create a specific user for replication. However, you should be aware that the username and password will be stored in plain text within the master.info file. Therefore you may want to create a user that only has privileges for the replication process.

To create a user or grant an existing user the privileges required for replication use the GRANT statement. If you create a user solely for the purposes of replication then that user only needs the REPLICATION SLAVE privilege. For example, to create a user, repl, that allows all hosts within the domain mydomain.com to connect for replication

-> TO 'repl'@'%.mydomain.com' IDENTIFIED BY 'slavepass';

You may wish to create a different user for each slave, or use the same user for each slave that needs to connect. As long as each user that you want to use for the replication process has the REPLICATION SLAVE privilege you can create as many users as you require.

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