Twitter is a free online service that allows you to send updates about what you are doing to friends, family and followers.

You can easily customize all your twitter profile with out any head ache. There are Two type of customization you can do on your Twitter profile, One is twitter background and the other one is your personalized photo. First we will start with design change. For that just click on your settings which is on the top shown as below in the pic.

t1Then go to design , you will get a window shon as below.

t2you can select any of the themes given as a template. if you want to give your own image as theme then click on change background image and select a image from your local hard disk shown as below.

t3Once you select your image them clcik on save changes. you have successfully changed your background design.

Now just a look at How you can upload your photo on Twitter, For that click on photo tab as shown in the below picture.

t4Choose your picture and click on save, Thats all…..

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