It is very important to fine tune MySQL. There are so many things that may slowing down your MySQL server. May be the select queries may be scanning the entire table which may have millions of records. This happens because you may not using proper indexing. so let us go through the video for best practices for MySQL.

jay Pipes is a co-author of the recently published Pro MySQL (Apress, 2005), which covers all of the newest MySQL 5 features, as well as in-depth discussion and analysis of the MySQL server architecture, storage engines, transaction procesing, benchmarking, and advanced SQL scenarios. You can also see his name on articles appearing in Linux Magazine and can read more articles about MySQL at his website. ABSTRACT
Learn where to best focus your attention when tuning the performance of your applications and database servers, and how to effectively find the “low hanging fruit” on the tree of bottlenecks. It’s not rocket science, but with a bit of acquired…

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