provides you the facility to check your Reverse DNS Record.Just enter your IP and click on check.

A standard forward DNS record is the association between a domain name with an IP address on the Internet. The corollary to this is reverse DNS, which associates a domain name with that of an IP address. Despite their similarities, these two records are independent and may differ for various reasons.

In the world of email it is important for these records to match. The forward lookup for a particular domain should produce an IP address which, on reverse lookup, yields the same hostname that began the process. This is called forward-confirmed reverse DNS (FCdDNS).

This tool will help you determine if your DNS records are configured with valid FCrDNS records. Given an IP address, the tool will perform a reverse lookup, which yields a domain name. The tool then performs a forward lookup on this domain name, and reports whether this forward record contains the IP address originally entered.

Enter an IP address for reverse lookup:

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