There are few scripts availble to read and monitor your apache logs . It will give you a real view of apache live traffic data, which also gives info about the bots, which is very important for SEO.

I came across such one script called


  • monitor multiple websites;
  • specify which log entries to process. You can show: a) the last 10/20 visits (unique ip’s); b) log hits in the last 5/10/30 minutes (1/3/12 hours intervals are also provided); c) the last 50/100/500 entries in the log file
  • ignore files of a given type (by extension) that are smaller than a predefined size;
  • highlight visits with errors: if a visit contains an entry with a 404 or 500 error code, it will be highlighted in red;
  • highlight bot access: visits of spiders are colored in gray. The spiders are determined by User-Agent;

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