The realtime analytics of  website is very important to get the Traffic details . There are many open source as well as paid services for getting the analytics of the websites.  The free and very easy one is Google Analytics.

One of the many great services provided for free by Google is the well-known traffic monitoring feature called Google Analytics. It is a tool that provides a wide range of information regarding your visitors’ physical location, referring websites, unique visitors’ number and content of the most significant advantage of Google Analytics compared to other software on the market is the powerful graphical interface.

How to configure Google Analytics for your website

Now lets Have a Look at how you can integrate Google Analytics in to your website. First is to create a login id for Google AnaLytics. The url for Google Analytics is

g1If you have a Google is then go to access Analytics or use the sign up option for a new id. Once you have sign in to analytics you will get the following page.


Click on sign up and proceed to next screen. You will get the following screen where you need to give your website name ,Your Country details as well as your Timezone,


Once you have given all the details click on continue button. On the next screen you need to provide your personal details shown as below.


Click on continue button. The next screen is the user Agreement, as shown below.

g5Tick mark on yes and click on create a new Account.The next screen is very Important as on this screen you will get the code for your site as shown below.

g6There are three options on the above window.standard , Advanced and Custom. You can always use standard code for your website. Just copy this code and put it in your header or footer of your website. (header gives allways good results than footer).

Once you have pasted the code just wait for 1 hour, you will be able to see your website analytics on your google analytics account as shown below.


A Video On Configuring Google Analytics

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