AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically.

Steps to install and generate reports from Awstats on Windows machine

1) Download and Install Active perl from .
2)Download and install Awstats from
3) Give path of local pache,httpd.conf and site name
4) Copy content of cgi-bin directory of Awstats  installed path and paste it into website directory.
5) Edit file and give path of apache log files.
6) To Run reports first do it manually through CLI
a)  go to www folder and give below commands. where gadget is name of “site”
perl -config=gadget -update
perl -config=gadget -output -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.html
perl -config=gadget -output=alldomains -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.alldomains.html
perl -config=gadget -output=allhosts -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.allhosts.html
perl -config=gadget -output=lasthosts -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.lasthosts.html
perl -config=gadget -output=unknownip -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.unknownip.html
perl -config=gadget -output=alllogins -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.alllogins.html
perl -config=gadget -output=lastlogins -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.lastlogins.html
perl -config=gadget -output=allrobots -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.allrobots.html
perl -config=gadget -output=lastrobots -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.lastrobots.html
perl -config=gadget -output=urldetail -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.urldetail.html
perl -config=gadget -output=urlentry -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.urlentry.html
perl -config=gadget -output=urlexit -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.urlexit.html
perl -config=gadget -output=browserdetail -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.browserdetail.html
perl -config=gadget -output=osdetail -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.osdetail.html
perl -config=gadget -output=unknownbrowser -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.unknownbrowser.html
perl -config=gadget -output=unknownos -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.unknownos.html
perl -config=gadget -output=refererse -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.refererse.html
perl -config=gadget -output=refererpages -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.refererpages.html
perl -config=gadget -output=keyphrases -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.keyphrases.html
perl -config=gadget -output=keywords -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.keywords.html
perl -config=gadget -output=errors404 -staticlinks > awstats.gadget.errors404.html

7) To view reports got to http://localhost/

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