In this week i was actually searching for a MySQL monitoring system by which i can pro actively monitor my MySQL servers. I searched a lot in the net and came to know that MySQL Enterprise Monitor is the best solution for all my problems.  I have already given the details about MySQL Enterprise Monitor in my earlier post.  This is the best tools for DB Admins.

Here i am just going to brief you about installing and configuring the MySQL Enterprise Monitor server as well as Agents. You can download MySQL Enterprise Monitor from here for 30 day trial period.

Once you have downloaded the server as well as the Agent just move the server file to /opt folder and start the installation by typing the following command as you can see in the below screenshot.

Once you have typed the above command you will get a popup window like shown below

Click ok to start the installation.

click on Forward to continue..

If you want to give a different  location then you can give it here. once done just click Forward to continue.

Dont change the port numbers unless if you want to give a different port number to the tomcat server. click to continue.

specify a password for the bundled mysql server, its compulsory.

You will get a configuration report as shown in the above screenshot. Just click Forward to continue.

Just click on Forward to start the installation.

Once you have finished the installation you can access your MySQL Enterprise Monitor by typing in your browser, You will get a following window in your browser as shown below.

In the above window you have to give the email id and password which you have registered at the time of download,  and also give a username and password to Administrator as well as user aganet.

Thats all,  we have finished the first part, now lets go to Agent installation as well as configuration.

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