Sarg – Squid Analysis Report Generator is a tool that allow you to view “where” your users are going to on the Internet. Sarg provides many informations about Squid users activities: times, bytes, sites, etc…

Steps to install and view Squid Report Generator
1) Download

2) tar  -zxvf  sarg-

3) cd  sarg-

4) run ./configure –prefix=/usr/local –bindir=/usr/bin –sysconfdir=/usr/local/sarg  –enable-sargphp=/var/www/html –mandir=/usr/local/man/man1


6) make install

7) Go to /usr/local/sarg (or file entered with –sysconfdir on configure) and change sarg.conf as you need.

8) Notes about sarg:

Date/Time report:
Every minute that a request is logged your time is incremented by the smaller of 1 minute or the total time for the
Usage: sarg -h

9) Type ‘sarg’ at root to generate reports

10) If you don’t want to ssh into the Squid box to run SARG every time you need a Squid/SARG report, you could use
Webmin or alternatively create a Cron job to create regular reports for later perusal.

10) To see report from browser give adddress

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