IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an Internet standards-track protocol for accessing messages (mail, bboards, news, etc). The Cyrus IMAP server differs from other IMAP server implementations in that it is generally intended to be run on sealed servers, where normal users are not permitted to log in. The mailbox database is stored in parts of the filesystem that are private to the Cyrus IMAP system. All user access to messages is through the IMAP, POP3, KPOP or NNTP protocols.

The following commands will tar and gunzip cyrus IMAP under /temp.

  1. cd /temp
  2. tar -zxvf tar/cyrus-imapd-1.6.24.tar.gz
  3. cd cyrus-imapd-1.6.24

When I tried to install cyrus IMAP, I got errors regarding the file com_err.h. My com_err.h was located in /usr/include/et. It needs to reside in /usr/include. Run the following command to make sure it is in the correct location:

locate com_err.h

This will show you where the file is. If it is under /usr/include, you can skip to the next section. If it is in another directory, just copy it to /usr/include. If it doesn’t exist, download it here:

./configure --with-auth=unix

Cyrus requires a user to own its files. The default user is cyrus. The following command adds a user cyrus with the group of “mail”

useradd -g mail cyrus

You’ll want to set the password for user cyrus.

passwd cyrus

Type in the password you desire cyrus to have each time you are prompted

  1. make depend
  2. make all CFLAGS=-O
  3. make install

That’s it! You’re ready to configure Cyrus IMAP.

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