Installing Java on FreeBSD using /usr/ports/java/jdk14 is possibly the most annoying port ever to install. Its going to require you to manually go on online, register for an account on, and download several files from and other places. It will also of course ask for these through out the install instead of all at the beginning. So if you have room it is a good idea to just save these files somewhere for the next time you need them. And once you have it installed you will need to add the following directories to your path or your programs will be unable to find it.


Unless the program is purely text based and doesn’t do anything fancy the native version of java for FreeBSD is probably going to mess it up and display it totally different than it should really look. For this reason you might want to instead point your path to the linux version of sun which the FreeBSD version requires and installs when you use the port.


There are also several other versions of Java available in the ports such as linux-blackdown-jdk14 which do not require you to download anything manually, and sometimes works better.

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