On a Windows PC, you can install from the download file as outlined below:

1.     If a version of Serviceguard Manager earlier than A.03.00.01 has been installed on your system, you have to uninstall it prior to installing this version (A.05.03).  You can do this through the Windows Start menu by selecting the Start > Programs >Serviceguard Manager > Uninstall option. After you have uninstalled ServiceguardManager, you may continue with the next step to install the latest version.

2.     Click on the link under download software (sgmgr_a0503.exe) to access the self-extracting zip file used to install Serviceguard Manager.

3.     You may choose to store this file on your system or run it directly from the website. If you download to your system, this file can be removed after installation.

4.     Run sgmgr_a0503.exe.

5.     The installation process will ask you to select a language for installation.

6.     The installation process will ask for an installation directory. If you accept the default,Serviceguard Manager will be installed in:

C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Serviceguard Manager

You are now ready to run Serviceguard Manager.

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