Use last to find out who has recently used the system, which terminals they used, and when they logged in and out.

  • To output a list of recent system use, type:
    $ last 

To find out when a particular user last logged in to the system, give his username as an argument.

  • To find out when user kurt last logged in, type:
    $ last Dinesh
[root@pwas1 ~]# last
root pts/4 Mon Dec 27 10:18 still logged in
dinesh pts/2 Mon Dec 27 10:09 still logged in
root pts/2 Thu Dec 23 17:05 – 17:24 (00:18)
dinesh pts/4 Thu Dec 23 10:00 – 18:17 (08:17)
root pts/2 Thu Dec 23 09:08 – 16:23 (07:14)
root pts/5 Wed Dec 22 10:12 – 18:06 (07:53)
dinesh pts/4 Wed Dec 22 10:00 – 15:21 (05:21)
dinesh pts/2 Wed Dec 22 09:39 – 10:29 (00:50)

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