There will be one point of time when you really want to monitor your Solr servers. As you may be wondering that what is going inside the solr servers.

Solr is an open-source search server based on the Lucene Java search library  which  is used by many sites to store data as well as handle the search traffic. Its major features include powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, and rich document  handling. Providing distributed search and index replication, Solr is highly scalable.

We are also using Solr for unloading load on MySQL.  Now Solr is a main part of our Site.  All the search, Browse pages, view ad pages everything is loading from solr.  Our Solr servers are handling almost 20 Queries per second and we are having around 10 Solr servers to handle the site traffic.

Recently we noticed that our solr servers are taking much more CPU Load and Memory so we have started searching for tools whcih can give a overall idea about the Solr Activities. Here i am going to explain two major tools which we used for Monitoring real time Solr server Queries and Server Load.

1) Lucid Gaze for Solr

LucidGaze for Solr is an open source monitoring tool Lucid has created for Solr environments. It provides a framework to capture, store, interactively view and compare various Solr performance metrics. It can be downloaded as a part of the LucidWorks for Solr bundle; or as a standalone utility, certified for use with Solr 1.3 or 1.4.Using LucidGaze for Solr, you can:

  • Record and graph metrics over specified time intervals.
  • Capture requests-per-second data for multiple solr handlers such as “StandardRequestHandler”, “DisMaxRequestHandler”, “MorelikeThisHandler” and “SpellCheckerRequestHandler”.
  • Capture processing time per request for multiple solr handlers such as “StandardRequestHandler”, “DisMaxRequestHandler”, “MorelikeThisHandler” and “SpellCheckerRequestHandler”.
  • Select multiple time ranges, and have multiple views per handler.
  • Efficiently archive and consolidate captured information as the data ages.

Useful both in development and production, LucidGaze for Solr can give you insight into trends with your Solr environment to:

  • Compare trends of traffic over time Is mid-morning search traffic heavier than early morning, mid-week heavier than weekend?
  • Pinpoint high and low load windows to help configure and correctly size your Solr cluster.
  • See how traffic is funneled to your site by promotions or adverisements, through the capture of search traffic

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2)  New Relic

Its a paid service in which you have to register and install a client in your solr Servers, This client will send information to New Relic servers and you will be able to get a detailed report of  your solr activities

Monitor your production Apache Lucene Solr server in real-time with New Relic RPM. Find your slowest searches. Monitor query result, cache hit rate and cache size, document cache and filter cache; find problems with Solr update handlers by tracking index operations and document operations. See user errors, and individual slow queries under real conditions with real user load.

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