Solr Monitor is a unique tool developed by one of the folks in Quikr and published  under open source Licence. This is the only tool available currently in the open source community to monitor the solr servers.

Solr is an open source enterprise search service from the Lucene project. Solr is written in Java and runs as a standalone full-text search server within a servlet container such as Tomcat. Like any service or component in your architecture, you’ll want to monitor it to ensure that it’s available and gather performance data to help with tuning. This monitoring tool will give you a complete overview of all the performance data like Ping status

  1. Number of docs
  2. Number of queries / queries per second
  3. Average time per request
  4. Average requests per second
  5. Number of updates
  6. Cache hit ratios
  7. Replication status
  8. Synthetic queries


This monitoring tool is developed by Nikhil Patil and you can download it here

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