Here you can find a step by step guide to recover the password of Smoothwall Products. The original Articles is given on there Site .

Passwords and recovery of same on Smoothwall Smoothwall

The Smoothwall Firewall Web Interface users
Apart from the initial default admin user, the Smoothwall Firewall also has the possibility of setting up multiple usernames with access to various areas on the Smoothwall. Adding new users is done in the “system – administration – administrative users” section.

The operator access allows the user to use the dial up and disconnect controls on the Smoothwall.
The log access allows users to access the logs section of the Smoothwall.
The vpn access allows users to access the vpn section of the Smoothwall.

Apart from these standard users, some modules also add a users to Smoothwall:
The guardian access allows the use of the unblock controls on the block page and access to the Guardian section of the Smoothwall.
The rule editor access can edit the networking – outgoing rules on the Smoothwall.
The traffic access allows a user to access the Traffic section of the Smoothwall.

Recovering Web Interface admin password
Loosing the admin password makes the Web interface all but useless. To change the admin password, you will need to log on to the Smoothwall as the superuser root.
When logged in as root issue the command “setup” to start the setup program.
The setup user can also be used for this if the setup user has been assigned a password – the password for the setup user can also be set in the setup program. Logging in as the setup user automatically runs the setup program – it is not possible to get command line access as the setup user. The setup program runs automatically if you log in as setup.
The setup program will allow the user to change setup, admin and root user passwords.

Recovering the root password
If the original root password cannot be found, you will have to create a new one. To do this, the Smoothwallwill need to be rebooted into single user mode. After booting up in single user mode, the Smoothwallcommand line prompt will be presented, logged in as the root user, without the need to enter a password. Once that is done, the setup program can be started.
In the setup program the admin, setup and root user passwords can be changed. Once that is done, rebooting the Smoothwall will return it to normal operations with the new passwords in effect.

Booting the system in single user mode requires a keyboard and a monitor to be attached to the Smoothwall. If the Smoothwall is currently running, type “CTRL-ALT-DEL” to allow the Smoothwall to shutdown properly.
Once the Smoothwall has been switched on press “tab” as soon as the Smoothwall boot graphic is displayed. The graphic will disappear and you will be presented with a boot: prompt.

Type SmoothWall-smp single at the prompt and press enter. The Smoothwall system will boot up normally but after the boot process have finished, the system will present a sh-2.05# prompt or similar without having to log in. Run the setup program to chgange the root password or just issue the command passwd and you will be prompted for a new root password. After entering the new root password, issue the command reboot to reboot the Smoothwall and the new root password can now be used to login

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