When you install Office, the Setup program verifies whether any components from earlier Office versions are installed on your computer. If the Setup program detects these earlier components, and if you select any option except Upgrade in the Microsoft Officesuite_name 2007 Setup program dialog box, the Setup program displays the Upgrade tab. If you select Remove all previous versions, the Setup program removes all earlier Office programs that are installed. This helps prevent unnecessary files from occupying disk space on your computer.

You can also selectively remove programs from earlier versions of Office. To do this, select theRemove only the following applications option in the Microsoft Office suite_name2007 Setup program dialog box. Then, select each program that you want to remove.

Note If you remove older Office components, other programs that use these older components may not work correctly.

For example, assume that you want to install the 2007 Office suite. You previously developed a custom program that will work only in Microsoft Access 2002. To use the custom program, Access 2002 must be available after you install the 2007 Office suite. Therefore, you must clickCustom in the Microsoft Office suite_name 2007 Setup program dialog box, click theUpgrade tab, and then click to clear the check box next to Access 2002 (and any other programs that you want to keep).

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