Recently we had a major issue when google indexed a search page with some mobile numbers of  our users. In such situations we can use Google webmaster Tools for removing individual urls.

First you need to login to webmaster tools and click on your profile and expand site configurations and click on Crawler Access. On the right hand side of the window you can see a blue link specifying Remove URL. Check the following screenshot.

w1Click on new removal request, You will get the following options.

w2In the above screenshot you can see that there are four options you can select. If you want to remove individual urls then select the first options and clcik on Next.

w3In the above screen you specify the url with out domain. and also select Google search results or Images. then click on add. Finally click on submit removal request. It will tajke 24 hours to execute the request.

A video on remove old content from Google’s index

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