Some times when you are working as a system administrator, you will find it difficult to use public dns servers inside your office network especially when you are in windows domain. If you use public dns servers then the user loggin will not happen or very slow .

In such cases we can use your local DNS servers to resolve public address. For that here we are going to explain about the DNS Forwarding functionality in windows dns servers.

Just open your windows DNS server console, It will look like  below screenshot.

Just right click on your server name and go to properties as shown below.

When you click on properties you will get a window same like shown below.

Now go to forwarders tab and insert you isp  DNS sever ip there and click on add button. if you are not sure about your public dns ip then use google dns ip ,

Now just restart your DNS server and go to user desktop , Open command prompt and type nslookup and type You will be getting the ips of yahoo there.

Thats all…….Enjoy

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