sendmail uses a variety of configuration files that require different treatments for their commands to take effect. This little script encapsulates all the required post configuration steps.

cd /etc/mail
/etc/init.d/sendmail restart

It first runs the make command, which creates a new file from the file and compiles supporting configuration files in the /etc/mail directory according to the instructions in the file /etc/mail/Makefile. It then generates new e-mail aliases with the newaliases command, (this will be covered later), and then restarts sendmail.

Use this command to make the script executable.

chmod 700 filename

You’ll need to run the script each time you change any of the sendmail configuration files described in the sections to follow.

The line in the script that restarts sendmail is only needed if you have made changes to the /etc/mail/ file, but I included it so that you don’t forget. This may not be a good idea in a production system.

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