Below are the hardening steps recommended to safeguard the servers against such attacks.

Hardening steps

1. Ensure Required Hardening done on the

–> Enable tcp wrappers

–> Enable iptables

–> Stop unwanted

–> In case of NFS, only allow export import of folders to specific
users & hosts.

2. Direct root access
on the server should be disabled. It should only be allowed on

3. Use of Strong passwords for root &
all other users using ssh, ftp access.

–> Make sure
Dictionary & joe passwords are not used.

–> Minimum passwords required length
should be 8 characters, inclusive of 1 special character, uppercase &

4. Secure /tmp , tmpfs, /var/tmp using

Preventive measures, which needs to be
done periodically

1. Use john the ripper to scan the weak passwords.

2. run rkhunter to
scan the rootkits on server.

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