Recently my blog got hacked and entire posts and categories got deleted.  This was first experience for me after i started my wordpress blog. I did not have any security features in my blog. After the attack the first thing which i did was to secure my blog.

My experience may help you all to secure your blogs and prevent it from any kind of attacks. Here i am going to explain the security measures i have implemented in my blog.

1)  Database Security.

  • Create a separate MySQL login for wordpress without delete permission. (i know the wordpress need delete permission but as per my understandings, if you delete a blog, it will go to trash means just changing the status of the post, so update and insert permission is sufficient.)
  • Removed all other logins (Hosted in godaddy, there are few Mysql  logins are there for go daddy c pannel access)
  • Set a Hard password for MySQL  Login.
  • Finally you should have a Daily backup of your Database see here

2)   WordPress Security

  • Disabled user Login
  • Installed the following security Plugins , Login LockDown, WordPress Firewall, Bad Behavior
  • Disabled directory listing by adding the following synt. in .htaccess file

Options -Indexes

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