Think about sending Millions of mails per day to your user base.. How you can handle such big volume of mails on a daily basis . Here i am going to explain about the infrastructure we have done to send Bulk mailing.

Requirement from our Management: The requirement was to send around 5 Million mails per day .

We have done this with the following Infrastructure.

  1. 5 Sendmail Servers (Red hat server with 32gb Memory and dual Xeon Quad Processors)
  2. One cron Job server
  3. One RabbitMQ Server for Queuing the mails
  4. Load Balancer (Netscaler)
Send Mail Servers:

First up all we have created five sendmail servers in RHEL server , each server is having a reverse DNS record and a dedicated ip also the config is tweked to send maimum mails.

Cron job Server

The cronjob server execute the scripts and generate mails, These mails are send to RabbitMQ server which do the Queuing of this mails

RabbitMQ server

This server enables us to queue all the mails generated by the server, It also send this mails to the Load balancer pool to deliver the mails .

Load Balancer

All the sendmail servers are configured under one of the LB virtual pool and it hand over the mails to sendmail servers by using round robin method.

After implementing this we never faced any problems, millions of mails can be queued

under RabbitMQ server.

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