Setting Up the System Clock
One of the most important tasks when setting the security appliance is to verify that the clock settings are accurate. The security appliances can timestamp the syslog messages using the system clock before sending them to the configured types if logging timestamp is enabled, as discussed in the “Enabling Logging” section. The system clock is also checked when the VPN tunnels, using PKI, are being negotiated to verify the validity of the certificate presented by the VPN peer. The security appliance supports two methods to adjust the system clock:

Manual clock adjustment using clock set

Automatic clock adjustment using the Network Time Protocol

Manual Clock Adjustment Using clock set
Similar to a Cisco IOS router, the security appliance allows the use of the clock set command to adjust the system clock. After setting the clock, the security appliance updates the system memory powered by a battery on the motherboard. Consequently, if the security appliance is rebooted, the time setting does not need to be reconfigured. The complete command syntax is as follows:

clock set hh:mm:ss {month day | day month} year

Example– Setting the System Clock
mumbai# clock set 23:30:00 august 5 2005

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