If you receive an error indicating that your product key is not valid when installingWindows 7, it could be for the following reasons:

  • You might have mistyped your product key. Try retyping it.

  • You might be using a product key that doesn’t match the version of Windows 7 that’s installed on your computer. Check the product key to make sure it is for the version that you are trying to activate.

  • The product key is for an upgrade version of Windows 7 and a previous version ofWindows wasn’t on your computer when Windows 7 was installed. To install an upgrade version of Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP must be installed on your computer. If you formatted the drive before starting the installation process, you won’t be able to use the upgrade product key to activate Windows 7. To activateWindows 7, you’ll need to install your previous version of Windows, and then reinstallWindows 7. For help with the activation process, go to the Microsoft Support website.

    For more information about Windows 7 activation errors, see Windows 7 activation error: 0xC004F061.

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