Google has recently updated caffeine – Google’s New Search Engine Index.  The new  Google search Engine Index consider speed of the site as a matter for deciding  the page rank.  Google has released a wonderful tool to check the speed of the site. The tool is called pagespeed, its a Firefox add-on and its works with Firebug. You can Download pagespeed from here.

Once you have installed this tool, you can just browse your website in Firefox and  click on Analyse performance under page speed shown in the below screenshot.

When i analysed my site with page speed i got the following results for as  shown in the below screenshot

Google provides score out of hundred and for my site the score is 67 out of 100. The tool itself gives the action required to speedup the site. if you see my report, you can see that some are showing in red . If we click any one of this then it will take you to Google suggestion page . In my case i need to do leverage browser caching. For this i have to enable mode_expires in my apache web server so that the browsers can cache my images, css as well as JavaScript if any.

You have to go through all of the performance report and take appropriate action in regards to speed up the site.

watch this google video

Site Performance For Webmasters

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