Once the server is installed, it runs constantly, listening for and accepting HTTP requests.

The status of the server appears in the Server On/Off page. You can start and stop the server using one of the following methods:

  • Click the Server On or Server Off in the Server On/Off page.
  • Use the Services window in the Control Panel (Windows).
  • Use start. If you want to use this script with init, you must include the start command http:2:respawn:server_root/type-identifier/start -start -i in /etc/inittab. (UNIX/Linux)
  • Use stop, which shuts down the server completely, interrupting service until it is restarted. If you set the etc/inittab file to automatically restart (using “respawn”), you must remove the line pertaining to the web server in etc/inittab before shutting down the server; otherwise, the server automatically restarts. (UNIX/Linux)

After you shut down the server, it may take a few seconds for the server to complete its shut-down process and for the status to change to “Off.”

If your machine crashes or is taken offline, the server stops and any requests it was servicing may be lost.

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