Google also joined in the social hub wagon . The new product from Google called Google Buzz is raising competition to Facebook and Twitter.The new Gmail channel, called Google Buzz, includes many of the features that have turned Facebook into the Web’s top spot for fraternizing with friends and family.

The Google Buzz features won’t reach all of Gmail’s estimated 176 million users worldwide for several more days. A link to the service will appear on the top left of the page, in a prominent position just under Gmail’s inbox tab.

And, just like Facebook, Google Buzz can serve as a showcase for video, photos and Web links to interesting stories.

For starting a Google Buzz profile you just go here. You will get a window like shown below.


Just click on try Buzz in gmail, It will take you to the next window shown as below.


Click on cool check out buzz, This will take you to noramll gmail login page. Login to gmail with your login id and password. Once you have logged in you can see a buzz button below your inbox link. shown like below.

g3Just click on buzz tab , you will get a window shown as below.


Now you can just post your first buzz .Also edit your profile and give all the details. so that your buzz profile will look very clean and also you will be getting a Google map which is showing your location in your profile.
Interesting Video on Google Buzz

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