Now a Days all are more concerned about search engine optimization. The SEO (search engine optimization) is not a difficult task. It is very easy If we do it properly .The SEO can lead more natural traffic from Google as well as other search engines. Here we are going to describe you the most important part of SEO that is configuring Google Webmaster tools.

Let us have a look at Google Webmaster tools

Google® Webmaster Tools provides you with access to data related to how Google has crawled and indexed your website. This free feature:

  • Shows you Google‘s view of your site.
  • Helps you diagnose site issues.
  • Lets you share information with Google to help improve your site’s visibility in search results.
  • Provides you with crawl statistics, recent queries, errors, and other information thatGoogle collects about your site.

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools

Lets start from scratch. We are just going to explain you the step by step guide to configure Google webmaster tools for  your site. Once you are ready with your sitemap the next step is to submit the sitemap to all major search engines. Here we are going to look at Google Webmaster Tools.

Just go to, you will be getting the following screen , if you have a gmail id ,you can login with the same otherwise just go ahead and create a new login id and password.


Once you have login to webmaster center, you will get the following screen, Go ahead and click on Add a site option, shown as below.


Once you have clicked on add a site, you will get a window to enter your site name as shown below. Give your site name and click on continue.

w3The next screen will give you a code which u need to insert in to your header file of your website. This is for verifying your site. You can see the verification window as follows.The code is different for each site. so you just copy paste your code in to your header files and click on verify.

w4Once you have verified your site, just click on your site name and on the left hand side you will get the following options as shown below. Just go to site configuration and click on sitemaps.

w5Once you clicked on sitemap you will get a window shown as below for submitting youe sitemap.Just click on Submit a sitemap option. It will prompt you for entering your sitemap name.


Just enter the sitemap name and click on submit sitemap. Once you have done the above steps you have almost finished your work. you can just relax for 2 hours and can come back to webmaster tools for checking the status of your sitemap.

A Video ON Google Webmaster-Tools,

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