To obtain an unlock code for your BlackBerry:

  • You will need to know your IMEI number for your BB. Look at Options, Status. The IMEI may also be found on the white sticker under the battery (sometimes hard to read–make sure you read it right!).
  • Most carriers will give you the unlock code for your BB. Some have policies that vary from having an active account in good-standing (good payment history) to having been a customer for 90 days or more.
  • You can purchase the unlock code from various vendors. These listed below are reputable vendors with good feedback from users.

1. HorizonWirelessOnline <<–$5.00 BlackBerryForums member discount for unlocking.

2. Worldwide unlocking from BerryReview <<–$9.00 across the board unlocking fee

3. GSM PhoneSource

1. Turn off all of the wireless connections (manage connections – turn all connections off)

2. Go to the Options icon on the device

3. Select Advanced Options

4. Select SIM Card

5. Hit the Menu key to select Show Keyboard

6. Enter mepd (you will not be able to see the typed info)(enter just the mepd, no spaces, etc.)

7. Enter the letters: mep2

8. Now it will say enter network mep code

9. Enter the code given you, usually about 16 digits

10. Your Storm is now unlocked.


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