The following steps demonstrate how to upload a project to your SVN repository location:

  1. Create a new PHP project called “MySVN Project”.
  2. Within the project, create a PHP file called “SVNFile1″ with the following code:


//This is a new file


  1. In PHP Explorer View, right-click your project and select Team | Share Project.
    A Share Project dialog will open.
  2. From the repository list, select SVN and click Next.
  3. Select ‘Use existing repository location’, and select your repository from the list.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Depending on your authentication settings, a dialog might appear asking you to provide authentication information.
    Re-enter your password and click Next. (Mark the Save Password checkbox to ensure that this screen does not reappear.)
  6. A Commit dialog will open. Enter the comment “I am uploading files to SVN.” and click OK.
  7. In PHP Explorer View, your project will now have a repository icon , indicating that it is inSVN.
  8. Once you have committed your files, other team members will be able to access and change the files.

The instructions below explain how users can check out (import) projects from SVN, edit them andupload their changes

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