It is very important to white list domain for sending mails, otherwise all your mail will go to the spam folder. The guide lines are available with all major email service providers like gamil,yahoo, hotmail etc.

Here i am going to list a few important points by which you can avoid your mails to go to spam folder.

  • The basic work start from your end. You  have to validate the email address which is coming to our system. It can be achived by a script in your system.  This script verifies user as well as domain. This will reduce the bounce , will also solve “500″ range SMTP code
  • Use a consistent IP address1 to send mails.
  • Keep valid reverse DNS2 records for the IP address(es) from which you send mail, pointing to your domain.
  • Authenticate mail server with  SPF record, DKIM or DomainKeys for all our mail servers, this will enable one more layer of trust between email service providers and our domain.
  • Use the same address in the ‘From:’ header on every bulk mail you send
  • Each user on your distribution list should opt to receive messages from you in one of the following ways (opt-in):
  • Through an email asking to subscribe to your list.
  • By manually checking a box on a web form, or within a piece of software.
  • A user must be able to unsubscribe from your mailing list through one of the following means:
  • A prominent link in the body of an email leading users to a page confirming his or her unsubscription (no input from the user, other than confirmation, should be required).
  • By replying to your email with an unsubscribe request.
  • All bulk messages you send must be formatted according to RFC 2822 SMTP3 standards and, if using HTML, standards.
  • Messages should indicate that they are bulk mail, using the ‘Precedence: bulk’ header field.
  • Attempts to hide the true sender of the message or the true landing page for any web links in the message may result in non-delivery.
  • The subject of each message should be relevant to the body’s content and not be misleading.

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