Creating a 3-column Web page is easy with tables, but can be challenging with just CSS. Entry 1 by Salman Arshad in the first HTML challenge shows that it can be done, and done well. Have you created a 3-column Web page with just CSS and HTML? Show off your work in the first HTML Challenge.

This week’s challenge is a challenge for designers. Choosing a good color palette can be hard. But one of the most underused palettes is the monochromatic palette. This is where you take one color hue and modify it with just shades of white and black to get colors that look good together. Have you designed a Web page using a monochromatic color scheme? Submit your entry to HTML Challenge #2.

HTML Challenge – First Entry and a New Challenge originally appeared on Web Design / HTML on Friday, October 16th, 2009 at 14:23:04.

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