IBM is offering a hosted version of its Tivoli monitoring software for companies that would rather pay a subscription fee than license the product for on-premise use, IBM was set to announce Tuesday.

The service, called Tivoli Live Monitoring Services, lets companies keep tabs on between 25 and 500 IT resources, such as servers, operating systems, virtual machines and applications. It is targeted mainly at midsized companies, as well as departments within larger organizations.

Businesses need to be warned if an important application is about to crash or slows down, and services like this aim to achieve that by sending an alert to IT staff when server memory gets low, for example, or the response time for a Web page drops below a certain level.
The IBM service comes in two versions. One uses software agents to monitor operating systems, virtual machines and applications such as databases or packaged software such as Microsoft Exchange. That service costs US$58 per month for each resource monitored, IBM said.

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