Many people will say that running applications in a virtualized environment can lead to degraded performance and functionality. But with careful selection of your environment, configuration and the applications and environments you can achieve the opposite result.

The session will start by looking at the different virtualized environments and the functionality and environment that they each provide. The common environments, including desktop solutions like VMware, hypervisor solutions like xVM/Xen, and operating system level solutions such as containers, BSD jails and Logical Domains (LDOMs), will all be covered with specific reference to their configuration, functionality and performance aspects.

In this session we will examine typical myths and problems that people experience with virtualized environments and how these issues can limit your MySQL deployment. To counter these issues, this session will provide some tips for improving performance in different virtual environments.

The session will then provide information on the benefits of running multiple servers, and how those combinations can be exploited to produce solutions that target specific goals, such as building single-box solutions with large scalability, or by using the different virtualized environments to optimize your chosen solution.

Throughout, example configurations, benchmark and performance examples will be provided to demonstrate the different systems and combinations and how they can be applied to your problems and environments.

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