a1The complete solutions guide for every Linux/Windows system administrator!

Your complete Linux/Windows integration guide
Detailed coverage of dual-boot issues, data compatibility, and networking
Implementing Samba file/print services for Windows workstations
Providing cross-platform database access

Running Linux and Windows in the same environment? Here’s the comprehensive, up-to-the-minute solutions guide you’ve been searching for!

In Integrating Linux and Windows, top consultant Mike McCune brings together hundreds of solutions for the problems that Linux/Windows system administrators encounter most often. McCune focuses on the critical interoperability issues real businesses face: networking, program/data compatibility, dual-boot systems, and more. You’ll discover exactly how to:

Use Samba and Linux to deliver high-performance, low-cost file and print services to Windows workstations
Compare and implement the best Linux/Windows connectivity techniques: NFS, FTP, remote commands, secure shell, telnet, and more
Provide reliable data exchange between Microsoft Office and StarOffice for Linux
Provide high-performance cross-platform database access via ODBC
Make the most of platform-independent, browser-based applications
Manage Linux and Windows on the same workstation: boot managers, partitioning, compressed drives, file systems, and more


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