is the second of a series of regular updates on our Windows 7
certification projects for the E-Business Suite.

Microsoft Windows 7 was officially released today.  Here’s a recap of
our plans for certifying the Oracle E-Business Suite with Microsoft’s
latest operating system. As always, the answers to these questions may
change as we move through the certification cycle. You’re welcome to monitor or subscribe to this
blog for later updates.

Our Progress on Windows 7

We’re certifying Windows 7 with the
E-Business Suite right now.  We’ve already tested several of the Win7
betas and release candidates, and those tests have gone very
smoothly.  At this point, E-Business Suite product teams need to complete their certification tests with Windows 7 desktop clients.  Once those tests are completed, we’ll release our certification.

For the usual reasons that regular
readers could have predicted, I can’t share any specific schedules
or date estimates here. I can provide an interim update on the
following Win7 questions:

  1. Which EBS releases will be certified with Windows 7?
  2. Which browsers will be certified?
  3. Will Oracle JInitiator be certified for EBS on Windows 7?
  4. Which Windows 7 editions will be certified?
  5. What about Windows 7E?
  6. What about Windows XP Mode?

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