The dream of taking Internet  TV to an actual TV seems a no-brainer to consumers: a screen’s a screen, and a monitor’s just another screen, after all. However, there’s more to the technology than meets the eye or fits the couch potato’s view. Even so, Intel (Nasdaq: INTC)  made a huge step toward plugging the Internet TV play on Thursday when it unveiled Atom processor CE4100 (code-name “Sodaville”) — its 45nm System-on-Chip for Internet TV.

The CE4100 processor is the first 45nm-manufactured consumer electronics SoC based on Intel architecture. It supports Internet and broadcast applications on one chip, and has the processing power and audio/video components necessary to run rich media applications such as 3-D graphics.

Is this remarkable advancement enough to make a real change in TV?

“It’s an incredibly powerful product — and at 45nm, it’s far closer to what the industry needs,” John Barber, a research analyst at Gartner (NYSE: IT) , told TechNewsWorld. “But it’s still questionable in terms of industry adoption, simply because current architectures are under tremendous price pressures from box manufacturers.”

Intel will “make a significant impact in Internet TV in scale and market share when it reaches 32nm and below,” added Barber.


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