Is Cloud Computing Good for a Bigger Site with Millions of Page Views?

My answer to this question purely depends on the architecture  and functionality of the site. Today’s world techies are really talking about cloud computing. Is it really worth it using a cloud computing? The answer to this question purely depends on the technology and the architecture.

Lets take an example of a web site which purely serve static pages. For serving static pages you need a basic web sever with at least one gb of memory. This can be definitely fitted in a cloud server with less cost. If your web server dynamically generate contents based on the user action, in such case there will be multi server architecture like web server, mysql, search server , memcache etc.
Which can be also hosted in cloud but you need high processing power based on the size of the data. This will increase the cost.

All cloud service providers talk about auto scaling features. You should always careful that auto scaling cannot be used for all kind of applications. For example if you are having a master slave replication where all your write queries are going to master and read queries are going to slave. In such scenario you cannot auto scale slave pool as it wil break the replication for newly auto scaled instance.

There is no doubt that what ever the architecture it will work on cloud but you should aware about the cost. When you see cloud pricing you will get always attracted but based on the processing power when you actually start using comuting power you will see the actual cost.

If you ask about me, I will always ask to go for a hybrid solution. Where ever you ned more memory and processing power you should put them in dedicated machines and less memory and processing power should always use cloud.

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