Kalzium is your digital replacement for the periodic table on paper. It ss a program that visualizes the Periodic Table of Elements (PSE) and includes basic information about all common elements in the PSE. It has a gained much more functions over time.

Kalzium describes itself as “your digital replacement for the periodic table on paper.” It displays information from the periodic table in a variety of ways, and it offers a molecular weight calculator, 3D molecule editor, an equation solver for stoichiometric problems and more. (Note that in order to use Kalzium on Windows, you’ll need KDE for Windows.) Operating System: Windows, Linux


  • versatile overview of all important data from the elements like melting points, electron affinity, electron negativity, electron configuration, radii, mass, ionisation energy
  • tool to visualize the spectral lines of each elements
  • different colored views to the PSE: separation of the different blocks, Year simulator, Temperature simulator
  • Molecular weight calculator
  • an Isotopetable
  • 3D molecule editor, with a load and save functionality
  • a equation solver for stoichiometric problems
  • filetype conversion for different types of chemical programs
  • tool to produce a comprehesive list of all Risk_and_Safety_Statements

More Info visit  : edu.kde.org/applications/all/kalzium

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