Kolab is a secure, scalable and reliable groupware server. It is formed by a number of well-known and proven components or the standards tasks such as E-Mail, Directory Service and Web Service.

Kolab adds intelligent interaction between the components, a web administration interface, management of free-busy lists etc.
Various clients can access Kolab, among them Kontact (KDE), Outlook (Windows) and Horde (Web).

Major Features

  • Full seamless support of mixed clients environments (Outlook/KDE/Web)
  • A web administration interface
    Supported languages: Deutsch (German), English, Français (French), Nederlands (Dutch)
  • A shared address book with provision for mailbox users as well as contacts
  • POP3 as well as IMAP4(rev1) access to mail
  • Client-side full support of S/MIME E-Mail encryption possible (officially Sphinx-interoperable).

   |--release/                      - stable releases of Kolab Server
   |   `--kolab-server-2.2.3/       - previous stable release 2.2.3
   |   `--kolab-server-2.2.4/       - current stable release 2.2.4
   |--security-updates/             - files referenced by Kolab Security Issues
   `--beta/                         - beta versions and release candidates

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