Did you know that a simple change like enabling both text and image ads can boost your eCPM and revenue? Or that a 300×250 medium rectangle typically performs much better in terms of revenue than a 250×250 square? Or that widening an AdSense search box can double the number of queries performed on your site, leading to higher earnings? If you didn’t, don’t sweat it — the AdSense team and I have come up with a list of six top optimization tips and best practices that can help you earn more quickly.

Many of our publishers’ sites and accounts aren’t fully optimized for AdSense, which means that they’re not earning as much as they potentially could. In these AdSense optimization videos, we walk you through some of the top optimization techniques and explain why they’re helpful in boosting your eCPM and revenue. Incorporating these techniques into your website and AdSense ad layout can help you monetize your traffic like never before!

AdSense Optimization: Upgrade to High-Performing Units

AdSense Optimization: Monetize More Content

AdSense Optimization: Optimize Search Box Placement

AdSense Optimization: Opt-in to Text & Image Ads

AdSense Optimization: Use Link Units on Pages with 3 AFC Units

AdSense Optimization: Opt-in to Placement Targeting

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