Fashionistas in India can now grab the latest LG Chocolate edition handset dubbed LG BL40. This slim and sleek device from LG epitomizes style and elegance.

Similar to its predecessor the LG Chocolate BL20, even this luxurious handset compromises neither on design nor on functionalities. LG’s association with Twentieth Century Fox, brings content from director James Cameron’s epic 3D fantasy, Avatar right on the magnificent LG BL40.

The LG Chocolate device boasts of a 4-inch wide HD LCD screen that offers 800 x 345 pixel resolution. This ‘fashion diva’ of LG also sports a superior quality 5 megapixel camera with Schinder-Kreuznach lens and flash. To maximize visual experience, the LG BL40 presents cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio. Other specifications of the LG mobile phone include Wi-Fi connectivity and FM transmitter.

Seemingly, making the BL40 more user-friendly is its intuitive and upgraded S-Class UI featuring finger-friendly 3D graphics. Apparently, the LG handset supports 7.2 HSDPA offering faster email and internet functionalities.

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