a3If Linux can do it, you can do it, too …

Welcome to the free-range world of Linux! This unique reference will guide you through installing, configuring, and running more than a dozen different flavors of the versatile Linux operating system. You’ll learn the essentials of Linux graphical interfaces, shell commands, and basic system administration, enabling you to set up a home desktop computer, a server, or a professional workstation. And because Linux is all about freedom of choice, this book lets you experiment and select the version that works best for you.

Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of Linux

* Understand what Linux is and where it comes from
* Try KNOPPIX, Damn Small Linux, or other bootable versions on the CD or DVD
* Use Linux to manage your desktop, perform routine word processing and spreadsheet tasks, listen to music, and watch videos
* Take Linux online, browse the Web, and set up an e-mail account
* Configure Linux to act as a router, a firewall, or any of several server types
* Connect to the open source software movement or any of the separate high-quality software projects included with Linux


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