top [options]

Provide information (frequently refreshed) about the most CPU-intensive processes currently running. You do not need to include a - before options. Seeps for explanations of the field descriptors.



Run in batch mode; don’t accept command-line input. Useful for sending output to another command or to a file.


Show command line in display instead of just command name.

-d delay

Specify delay between refreshes.


Add or remove fields or columns.


Print a help message and exit.


Suppress display of idle and zombie processes. -i is a toggle; top starts with the last remembered setting.

-n num

Update display num times, then exit.

-p pid

Monitor only processes with the specified process ID.


Secure mode. Disable some (dangerous) interactive commands.


Cumulative mode. Print total CPU time of each process, including dead child processes.

-u user

Monitor only processes with the specified effective UID or username.

-U user

Monitor only processes with the specified UID or username, matching real, effective, saved, and filesystem ids.


Print version information and exit.

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